Here Are Some Hidden And Little-Known Facts About Thomas Rhett

Just as there are two sides to a coin, so is the life of Thomas Rhett. The side that’s known by the world and the side that’s known by just a few, probably, close family members and his bosom buddies. Rhett first appeared on the music scene a few years ago, and later the thomas rhett 2014 tour but his record speaks for himself. He has already achieved what the majority in the music industry can only dream of.

Rhett’s first ever single (something to do with your hand) might have resonated well with the country music lover. It was as if that’s what the country music fans were anxiously waiting for. But that’s not all, looking at his impressive record and performance, Rhett’s popularity and fame seem to be growing with every single hit he releases. Perhaps, this is what you already know.

Facts about Thomas Rhett, the other side of the coin

Flipping through FM radio station Other than schooling, what else occupied Rhett’s time?

Well, the answer to this might as well surprise you. Not that he spent his spare time playing guitar nor that he hang out with his buddies chasing girls around, but that he spent a huge part of his spare time flipping through the FM radio stations. But, does this mean that he harbor some radio presenting ambition or newscasting? No, not at all.


According to Rhett, he did this to crank up a mix of every music genre regardless of whether it’s R&B, country, rock, pop, rap, everything including unclassified oldies. This is what he refers to, even today as a tangle of music. Today, Rhett is tipping his hat nostalgically to those good old days with a hit song ”Tangled Up.”


Easily carried off by the crowd

Perhaps it’s the high adrenaline of youth. Rhett isn’t like hundreds of famous musicians. When he performs, at times he let his crowd have everything including himself. Rhett himself admits that at his show there are neither strict nor any rule. Time and again he has been quoted as saying that there isn’t such thing as standing still and singing a song.

He believes that a crowd of loving country music enthusiast deserve all and admits that not once or twice but a countless number of times he has jumped into a musically intoxicated crowd. Whether his words reflect the reality that’s in country music – that it connects the performer with his crowd, industry expert are concerned about his future safety as a top artist. Maybe, as his adrenalin runs down and his youthful energy and vigor balance off, he might think to slow it down.

Performed terribly awful

Can you believe this? Thomas Rhett has in the past performed awfully bad before a record crowd. Well, believe it or not, One evening, Rhett was curtain raising for Frankie Ballard. In fact, it’s his dad, Thomas Rhett Sr. who got him a gig but the young Rhett performed terribly awful. Well, it started all well, and for the first four songs, Rhett kept the crowd wild, but on his fifth song, he spoilt it.


Thomas Rhett admitted that his voice gave out and failed him and that he wished the floor opened up and swallowed him. Rhett has had several wonderful performances before and after that. However, that’s one event he wishes he can erase from his memory. According to Rhett’s words, the performance was awfully bad and below par more so by an artist of his stature.